Sadira Recommends

Here you’ll find a list of blogs, websites, and other resources wherein I have found inspiration, wisdom, guidance and other good things. Enjoy!

General Wisdom

Here’s the blog of a dear old friend from high school. You’ll enjoy her wry humor and deep thoughts on a variety of issues, from stripping for a living, to family relationships, to keeping zombies at bay.

Fashion Follies

One of my role models for living a snazzy, spirited life at this certain âge, this stylish 50-something writer explores and applies French savoir faire to her travels, wardrobe, and everyday life. Her blog is a delight – especially to a dedicated Francophile like me.

Food, Glorious Food!

I first came upon Lisa’s Snack Girl website during a search for recipes for healthy crackers. Forget the sweets – salty crunchies are my downfall. Her blog on healthy cooking and eating, geared toward weight loss and avoiding junkie fake food, is truly delicious.


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