Lucy, I’m home!

Wheeler Historic Farm, Salt Lake City, Utah

Lobby of the Grand Geiser Hotel in Baker City, Oregon

We’ve returned from our three-week road trip to find our home intact, our possessions still here, and everything functioning as it should. There’s always that moment of apprehension just before opening the door: will we find the windows smashed? The basement flooded? The fridge full of rotten food, thanks to a power outage? But all is well.

There’s nothing like a break in the routine to refresh the mind. I’m ready to tackle old projects with renewed vigor, and to jump back into the manuscript I finished while on vacation.

Vacation from retirement? Yup. Whether earning a paycheck or not, I need the occasional escape from the familiar. Every time I return from a trip, there’s a delicious whiff of newness in the air, a promise of a fresh start. I feel like tackling neglected chores and projects, trying new things.

Specifically, talking with my husband’s son the brand-new doctor has pointed me toward a new eating plan. For the next month, D and I are trying the high-protein, low-carb route to shed ten or so pounds. I don’t give two cold dog turds what people think of my middle-aged bod on the beach, but I do worry about the impact this plump tum will have on my health.

And D’s brother, a gifted guitarist, has lent me a lovely smaller-sized guitar to try. After a year of learning to play the ukulele, I’m ready to graduate to six strings. My hands are small, though, and big-bodied guitars are not comfortable with my injured right shoulder. I hope this size will work for me.

I hope the warm part of the year brings some lovely vacation time for you. What are your vacation plans?

5 thoughts on “Lucy, I’m home!

  1. The Widow Badass

    Oh, you and I are on the same wave length! Gonna get back on the low carb bandwagon after my upcoming work trip to the US. Thinking health rather than bikini bod as well. Also don’t give 2 craps about that. Isn’t getting older so freeing? Good luck!

  2. lindamaycurry

    Winter is approaching here in Australia but by driving north the cold weather can be left behind. We plan to drive to the Kimberley which is like driving from Florida to Seattle. The difference is that Australia is very sparsely settled. As my husband is experiencing back and leg problems I must do some of the driving with a 19′ van on the back. A new challenge for me but definitely on the bucket list. I’m told this is the most spectacular part of Australia so don’t want to miss it. We plan to head off sometime in May.


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