Q is for Quatsch

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Some words are simply better in other languages. Some of my favorite German words include Stau (traffic jam), funkelnagelneu (brand-new), pinkeln (to pee), and my all-time favorite: Quatsch! You need the exclamation mark, trust me.

Interesting note: Microsoft Word’s spell-checker is lighting up every German word in this post except Quatsch.

Pronounced Kvahtsh, Quatsch means nonsense, foolishness, b.s. It’s not a rude word, just direct. Quatschen means to talk/do nonsense, to fool around. Lass den Quatsch = Cut the crap/Stop fooling around. And the best of all: Quatsch mit Sosse=B.S. with sauce = absolute rubbish!

Ulli! Cut the crap!

Ulli! Cut the crap!

Quatsch is the perfect response to the nonsense we’re subjected to every day. Health claims for a highly-processed snack food? Ach, Quatsch! The driver in front of me doesn’t go when the light turns green because she’s checking her phone? Hör auf zu quatschen! (Quit d#@*ing around!). I should care what the Kardashians are doing? Doppel-Quatsch! I don’t know if a German person would actually say that, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?

All roads lead to Rome. Bullsh**...All roads lead to the refrigerator.

All roads lead to Rome. Bullsh**…All roads lead to the refrigerator.

Wouldn’t it be great if, during the run-up to the Presidential election, the candidates would stop slinging Quatsch and tell the truth?  Here’s wishing you a Quatschfrei day—unless you really feel like a little quatschen.

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