Rottendorf Castle 

When the sun shines and the leaves are green, there is no place more beautiful than Germany. After a long, cold, wet, dark spring (the longest on record for over 100 years), the sun has blessed us with three warm, clear days in a row. And tomorrow we’re expecting some summer thunderstorms! I’m giddy with anticipation.

Isn’t it funny how affected we are by the weather? We surround ourselves with electronic accoutrements, but really we’re just little animals burrowed into our hidey-holes, waiting for the sun to return at the end of winter. This evening’s walk around the neighborhood revealed people gathered on patios, in courtyards, anywhere a wee patch of sun could be found – and all of them basking like lizards, laughing, sharing drinks and stories as the children pedaled their little go-mobiles around like busy bumble bees. As the Germans say, “herrlich!” (glorious!)  Welcome, summer. Thank you for loving us again.


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