Blogging from A-Z Challenge 2016

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

Oh my stars and garters–it’s almost April! How can that be? It seems the older I get, the more I find my self exclaiming about time’s swift passing. Tempus fugit all over the place!

Here in Tacoma, WA, April brings clear skies (occasionally), blossoming rhododendrons, the constant sound of gardening machines (Shut up, already!), and for us, a total kitchen remodel. Starting on the fourth, workers will be traipsing in and out, tearing out the 1956 kitchen down to the studs and then rebuilding. The whole process will take seven weeks if we’re very lucky. If you’ve ever landed on this blog before, you’ll  notice that I enjoy cooking. In the archives under “The Leftover Project” you’ll find several original recipes to help you re-purpose your leftovers, as well as other seasonal treats.

But seven weeks without a kitchen! I know, first-world problem, right? Trader Joe is about to become my new best friend, as I work my way through their ready-to-heat meals.

To keep my sanity during this chaotic time, I’ve taken on the A-Z blogging challenge. Starting April first, I’ll be blogging each day except Sunday, working my way through alphabetical topics, as well as visiting a plethora of bloggers who have also accepted the challenge.

And my topic is…(Please provide your own drum roll)…(very nice)…Making the most of early retirement. Tah daahhh! See you on April first.

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